The Comedy Button
What's going on, Internet!? Prepare for some of the most insane rambling about everything from life, to sex, to what passes for 21st-century Internet culture. Your aural canals are ours, and we're filling them with nonsense -- courtesy of hosts Brian Altano, Scott Bromley, Ryan Scott, Max Scoville, and Kristin Van De Yar. BRAAAP BRAAAP! New episode every Friday afternoon!
The Comedy Button: Episode 50

For our 50th episode not-so-spectacular, we talk about taking pictures of our butts as kids, Brian gives all his stuff away, Anthony hunts for tarantulas, no one understands how Max can have an Indian half-brother, everyone tells a sewer story, Brian is an upstanding citizen, we realize that we're getting old, we remember our weird neighbors, we rock out to L. Ron Hubbard's horse jams, Tom Cruise still sucks, Ryan hates the beach, we break down the science of DuckTales, and some podcasts will always be more awesome than ours. Starring Scott Bromley, Brian Altano, Anthony Gallegos, Ryan Scott, and Max Scoville.

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