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The Comedy Button: Episode 63

In this extra-special episode, former Adventures of Pete & Pete star (and current grown-up funny guy) Danny Tamberelli joins us to recall what life was like during Nickelodeon's golden years, muse over not quite getting Pete & Pete's absurd humor as a child, geek out about the recent reunion shows, tell us what writing sketch comedy was like at 16, reveal the secret behind Nickelodeon's slime, drop some details on his childhood stalker, give the thumbs-down to those Mighty Ducks sequels, recall meeting girls with Petuina tattoos, debunk rumors that he's dead, and tell us just what the heck he's up to these days. Starring Scott Bromley, Brian Altano, Anthony Gallegos, Ryan Scott, and Max Scoville, with special guest Danny Tamberelli.

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